Dopis Markéty

Pro Markétu a Mirka je velice obtížná náhla nečinnost. Pro oba je totiž přirozené aktivně řešit závažné situace a hledat řešení. Ve vězení ovšem již strávili téměř 5 měsíců a mají tudíž prostor i pro psaní dopisů, úvah a definování svých hodnot a přístupu k životu. Níže si můžete stáhnout originální dopis Markéty a přečíst přepis úryvku z tohoto dopisu.

Her is possible to be in touch only by letter, it is taking long time, sometimes they dont give to him, sometimes they dont give me. This is stresfull and so hard for us. We both said, if would possible to be together, we can stay here 30 years no problem . Now I get some of our photos thanks to my mother. I put them on the wall, but many times, I am not able to look and I am crying. And next, what is hard in the situation, in fact we have no idea, what they plan to do with us. It is clear – there are some fucking pictures from FB. Nothing more. We never commited any crime in Turkey. But, who care about this. It is just political game between Turkey and EU and result? No one no and this is the worst for me. Really for me would be better to know OK, I will be here 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. Still better, than this, if you dont know. But of course, I hope, nothing like this. We still trust, there is still some kind of justice in the country. If the proces will be fair, we dont need to be scared… We are also trying to respekt, situation here is not yeasy, and it is taking some time. Ok, some days are hard, but we are strong. We will stay strong.

Originální a plná verze dopisu Markéty je ke stažení zde.